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Logo Circulo Electrico Fabrica de tableros y equipos electricos en caracas

Leader in Boards

Historia de Circulo Electrico

Historia de Circulo Electrico

We are a company that has more than 50 years of uninterrupted presence and experience

In the design and manufacture of Electrical Panels, made up of a highly qualified team in different areas, willing to offer a global vision to meet your needs. That is why all our focus is on achieving the satisfaction of our customers by providing them with the best service and becoming their best ally. 


Depending on the area to which you want to apply the board, we can use it in the residential, commercial, industrial or sanitary environment and depending on the use of electrical energy.


Residential electrical panels are the heart of the home. That organ that distributes the necessary energy so that each implement and device in your house works correctly.

This is also in charge of protecting all the components connected in the home circuit.


 Companies seek the best technological options in terms of electrical panels.

These industrial boards are becoming more and more demanding.

Taking into account the large number of failures and fires in the commercial and industrial field. 


An industrial electrical panel is responsible for giving the necessary protection to the command and control components for industrial equipment.

It is guaranteed with these that there is a correct flow of energy distribution and, also, the correct protection of industrial machines to avoid any electrical accident.


The boards for Hospitals are of the insulation type, since it is necessary to prevent electrical micro-discharges and leakage currents in the area of operating rooms. 

Why we?


Establishing the best and highest quality standards in its manufacture and complying with all current regulations, guaranteeing the quality and operation of our products, backed by a specialized technical team.

Sfondo bianco


With years of experience, we have managed to create a work team with a sense of leadership and responsibility, highly qualified, willing to collaborate with the client in achieving their objectives and obtaining the success of their projects. 

Architettura moderna


With more than 54 years in the market and with our prestigious client portfolio, we demonstrate with our work the transparency and quality of the operation of our products throughout these years.

Our clients

Logo Centro comercial sambil de Caracas  clientes de Circulo Electrico
Hard rock Cafe Caracas utiliza tableros electricos de Circulo Electrico
BNC Banco nacional de credito clientes de Circulo Electrico Caracas
Negocio Ovejita Caracas utiliza tableros electricos de Circulo Electrico
CCCT Centro comercial clientes de Circulo Electrico Caracas
Mcdonalds Logo clientes de Circulo electricos en caracas
Hospital de clinicas de caracas clientes de circulo electrico
Logo Fresh fish clientes de Circulo electrico en caracas


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Petare Highway - Urb. Miranda, Conj. Industrial El Cedralito, Auber Building, Caracas - Venezuela


Opening times

Mon - Thu

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Sat - Sun


Sat - Sun




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